Y-Pow3r Day April 2022 presentation #db2foi #N2i #ibmi

A short post to share the slides from my first presentation at an #ibmi conference.

I had the pleasure to speak at the Y-Pow3r Day, a pre-conference to the Pow3r in April 2022.

My session (in German … or so I tried) may soon be online at https://pow3r.expo-ip.com/ (you may have to register first).

Go also check the other sessions. Despite being a german event, many were in english.

Disclaimer: This was a 30 min. non-technical session and provides a tiny overview on an “ideal” day (check the last slide). As they say “Pictures may differ from actual products“… they’re is nothing like a typical day in the life of a DBE!

A big thank you to Kerim, Ann-Kathrin and Gabrielle for organizing this Y-Pow3r event!

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