Y-Pow3r Day April 2022 presentation #db2foi #N2i #ibmi

A short post to share the slides from my first presentation at an #ibmi conference. I had the pleasure to speak at the Y-Pow3r Day, a pre-conference to the Pow3r in April 2022. My session (in German … or so I tried) may soon be online at https://pow3r.expo-ip.com/ (you may have to register first). GoContinue reading “Y-Pow3r Day April 2022 presentation #db2foi #N2i #ibmi”

MAX/MIN, Scalar vs Aggregate function and NULLs #db2fori #ibmi

This is a note on a surprising difference and kind of a follow-up on a RPGPGM.COM article (so go read it first and put the site in your favorite!). I already commented on it there, but thought it would be worth a small post. Try to guess the result for the following statement, then letContinue reading “MAX/MIN, Scalar vs Aggregate function and NULLs #db2fori #ibmi”

a CONCAT_WS-like on #db2fori #ibmi

In July, I left a position as a data manager on SQL Server (and a bit of MySQL) to start as a database developer on… Db2 … for i. I’m now going through a paradigm shift and transfer some knowledge to the platform. I had a use case for ‘CONCAT_WS‘. Concatenate 0, 1 or moreContinue reading “a CONCAT_WS-like on #db2fori #ibmi”